EMS Safety Foundation July 10th 2012 Bulletin
June 28 2012 Webinar Recording, Youtube version, Handout and links

Welcome to the first web Bulletin from the EMS Safety Foundation.
Here is a recording link and hand out for the EMS Safety Foundation Webinar, Thursday, June 28th, 2012 - and links and info that were referenced in that Webinar. As well as a public access Youtube version of that Webinar !

Much was covered, including an overview of TRB 2012 EMS Summit synopses, Rettmobil 2012, NFPA 1917, EMS Safety Culture Meeting, NIST, White House initiatives Update, and the forthcoming EMS Expo events, and EMS Asia.
Given the importance of all these events, documents and activities, these June 28 Webinar links are public access links, so please do share them widely with your colleagues - and listserves

Also please do forward any queries or questions that you would like addressed by the NIST team and for inclusion in the special NFPA 1917 Webinar for mid August.

Recording, youtube and handout links for EMS Safety Foundation June 28th 2012 Webinar

The You Tube version with an eTag to take your smartphone/mobile device right there.
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Recording of the June 28th EMS Safety Foundation Webinar on Elluminate including the chat text etc.

Handout from the June 28th EMS Safety Foundation Webinar

The work of the Foundation is now reaching widely across the globe. Germany in May, Colombia in June (, and then coming up in Penang for Asia's first major EMS Congress in September ( . Penang should be an impressive event with much new information.
Do get ready for a special EMS Safety Foundation Workshop at EMS Expo in New Orleans also on Friday November 2!
And the New Jersey EMS Annual Conference November 1-4, I shall be speaking there on the Saturday.

Also, do read John Erich's outstanding EMS Safety article in EMS World:
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Outline of info covered in the Webinar:
1. TRB EMS Safety Systems, Strategies & Solutions Summit, Feb 29, 2012
2. Rettmobil 2012 Webinar and First Few Moments Podcast
3. iRescU project: Global AED Scavenger Hunt
4. White House Public Safety Data Initiatives
5. Health Data Palooza, DC update
6. Forthcoming NIST Meeting
7. NFPA 1917 Update
8. EMS Safety Culture meeting
9. New web site
10.New info for ANSI- Z.15 Fleet Standard
11. National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) Public Safety Sector Council meeting
12. Social networking and you - etags and twitter
13. Forthcoming EMS Safety Workshops

1. TRB 2012 EMS Safety Systems, Strategies and Solutions Summit, February 29th

The National Academies Transportation Research Boards ANB10(5) EMS Safety Subcommittee's third EMS Safety Summit -EMS Safety Systems, Strategies and Solutions Summit was a one day interdisciplinary, interactive onsite and broadcast event held in Washington DC, and simulcast to EMS Today on February 29, 2012.
This one day Summit comprehensively covered that spectrum of cutting edge approaches to optimizing the systems safety of EMS and Medical Transport operations.
There were 30 cutting edge presentations, from a spectrum of disciplines and across the country and the globe! Over 100 participants live, and greater than 10,000 downloads of the presentations and handouts in the first week!!

Here is a public access link to a 40 minute

EMS Safety Foundation Elluminate synopsis of the 2012 TRB Summit -
2012 TRB Summit synopsis on YouTube-
Click here for the YouTube video of the March EMS Safety Foundation Synopsis of the 2012 TRB EMS Safety Summit

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As for the other TRB EMS Summits, info is available here -

Here is the Link to the 2012 TRB EMS Safety Systems, Strategies and Solutions Summit Multimedia document

Here are the .pdf links for slides and handouts
Slides from the March 15th EMS Safety 2012 TRB Summit Synopsis Foundation Webinar

Handout of the March 15th EMS Safety Foundation Summit Synopsis Webinar

The eTags for the TRB presentation and audio links depicted in the slides and handouts for the March Webinar, work from the printed handout both in color and black and white
The slides and handout files are about 5mb, so they will take a moment to download - lots of pictures!

Here is a great article about the TRB Summit from Glenn Luedtke in this weeks online JEMS

2. Live @Rettmobil 2012 Webinar and First Few Moments Podcast

Live from Rettmobil 2012, Public Access Webinar recording
EMS Safety Foundation Live @Rettmobil 2012 on YouTube!! Click here
click or scan the eTag below with your mobile device to see Live @Rettmobil 2012 Webinar on You Tube

First Few Moments Rettmobil 2012 Podcast
We were very fortunate to have Kyle Bates, and his support team - join us at Rettmobil. Here is a podcast from Rettmobil 2012 from Kyle Bates First Few Moments. It is a fabulous snapshot of the impressive Rettmobil 2012 event.
First Few Moments Rettmobil 2012 Podcast

3. iRescU project: Global AED Scavenger Hunt

The EMS Safety Foundation's iRescU Project partnership with the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association and Denver Health for the Denver AED Scavenger Hunt Contest has been a great success as a model social media driven city wide program to enhance regional AED databases! Check out and share this great YouTube video from the Denver Team
Winners for the iRescU spring scavenger hunt have been announced, see
The EMS Safety Foundation has also launched a Global AED geolocation Contest over the USA Summer, which will run until September 1st.
A number of EMS regions are launching iRescU AED geolocation scavenger hunt contests as a focus for their communities. If you would like to have your service have a local AED hunt contest, the EMS Safety Foundation has set up a special gratis portal to do so, accessible by all types of interface (cell phones, smartphones, pc, ipads, cameras etc).
You can use this link to submit AED locations for your region -
Its easy as 1, 2, 3 -
1. Find AED,
2. Take a Pic (optional) and
3. Submit location info (and optional Pic)

or click or scan
The AED geolocate Upload eTag

to get the AED upload form directly on your smartphone, or mobile device
you can scan the AED geolocate eTag above right from your screen with your phone (using the free Microsoft Tag App)
or click the image to link to access the form on your PC to upload an AED geolocation anytime

You can designate a code name for your regions participants to enter in the 'Team' or 'Comments' section of the AED upload form as a region identifier.
There are 5 mandatory fields on the upload form:
Building location of the AED
State and
all other fields including zip and the pic are optional. If anyone wants to win a prize, they will need to submit their email address though!
4. White House Public Safety Data Initiatives

The EMS Safety Foundation was most honored to be invited by Todd Park, the USA CTO of Information and Technology, to participate in the White House's first Public Safety Data Jam, in DC last month, which was held during National Transportation week Safety Data Initiatives. It was a great privilege and incredible opportunity, we were the only medical and public health participants. .

5. Health Data Palooza, DC update

The Health Data Initiative - or Health Data Palooza (#healthdata) is an extraordinary initiative, the brainchild of the amazing Todd Park CTO of the USA. There is much that EMS can benefit from this initiative and bring to the table.

6. Forthcoming NIST Meeting

We shall be meeting with the NIST team in mid July - so please do send in any queries you have regarding the work be done by NIST.

7. NFPA 1917 Update

An overview of key elements of the NFPA 1917 ambulance standard initiative and developments from the recent June 13th NFPA 1917 meeting. NFPA 1917 is to be issued August 9th, and effective August 29th and applicable to vehicles contracted for by January 1st, 2013.
See handout for glimpse of aspects of interest. There is to be an EMS Safety Foundation special webinar on the NFPA 1917 in mid August immediately after the document is issued. The recommendation on June 13th by the NFPA general expert that the entire report be returned, failed.

8. EMS Safety Culture meeting

The interest in EMS safety is spreading throughout the EMS Community. The increasing focus on EMS Safety issues is very promising to see. The project to produce a document on EMS Safety Culture by ACEP and NHTSA had another meeting in DC - a 98 page draft document is being revised - make sure you get your comments in this draft is still in need of major and substantive revision.

9. New web site

The recent NEMSAC meeting launched the revamped web site. Do take a look at it, there is much information across many aspects of EMS.

10. New info for ANSI- Z.15 Fleet Standard

Newly Revised ANSI/ASSE Z15.1-2012 Standard is now available. This newly revised standard, " Safe Practices for Motor Vehicle Operations" sets forth practices for the safe operation of motor vehicles owned or operated by organizations. These practices are designed for use by those having the responsibility for the administration and operation of motor vehicles as a part of organizational operations. Safety professionals have historically used the Z15.1-2012 standard as a general minimum guideline to address safe operations of motor vehicles for a way variety of work environments.
Topics covered in the standard include:
o Definitions
o Management, leadership and administration
o Operational environment
o Driver considerations
o Vehicle considerations
o Incident reporting and analysis
Here is a link for a Tech Brief with detailed information about the revised Z15.1 standard - The revised - Z.15 standard can be purchased from ASSE here. The cost is $54 for ASSE members and $74 otherwise.
It is the ONLY item that I strongly encourage EVERY service to purchase!

11. National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) Public Safety Sector Council meeting

The 2012 NORA Public Safety Sector Council meeting was held in DC, May 15th. I was honored to be invited to present some of the cutting edge work being done by the EMS Safety Foundation, and also a synopsis of the TRB EMS Safety Summit. There is much opportunity for EMS on the NORA platform. This is a great group which brings together Police, Fire and EMS with a focus on Occupational Safety - standby for the handout for an NFPA 1917 Update that was presented by an AMD ambulance manufacturer who presented there, a synopsis will be presented on the webinar tomorrow.
It is most valuable forum for EMS Safety. Here is their website - it is about to be updated.

12. Social networking and you - etags and twitter

Twitter i s a powerful nd valuable tool for rapidly sharing timely information broadly in EMS Safety. So, please do follow the EMS Safety Foundation on twitter @EMSSafetyFdn on twitter, there is a twitter link on the home page
#tag '#EMSSafety' will be included for the EMS Safety Foundations activities of interest
Also you can follow @objectivesafety for updates as well

13. Forthcoming EMS Safety Conferences and Workshops

EMS Asia, EMS Safety and Quality - September 8-11, Penang Malaysia -
EMS World Expo- October 29-November 2, New Orleans EMS Safety Foundation will be holding a hands on Workshop on the afternoon of Friday November 2nd
New Jersey EMS Conference, November 1-4, Atlantic City,

Is amazing to see how much has happened in the short few weeks since we all returned from Rettmobil!!!!

Happy reading and browsing and eTag audio!

Do encourage folks to find and add those AEDs to the database!

See the EMS Safety Foundation Innovation Consortium online in August for the NFPA Webinar!

Best regards,

Nadine Levick MD, MPH
Research Director,
EMS Safety Foundation
CEO, Objective Safety

Additional Resources - TRB, NAEMSP and Rettmobil 2012

i . TRB ANB10 (5) EMS Subcommittee Meeting and Presentation handouts
January 2012 Subcommittee Meeting Agenda

The Handout for January 2012 Subcommittee Meeting
The Handout for January 2012 Subcommittee Innovation Presentations
Click here for a Subcommittee sign up request

ii . EMS Safety Foundation poster from NAEMSP 2012
Here is the link to an overview of the poster of the EMS Safety Foundation's innovative fleet development activities, presented at the 2012 NAEMSP conference.
Safety and Operational Innovation: Integrating Global Best Practice and Interdisciplinary Technical Expertise into Ambulance Design

iii . Rettmobil 2012 Links
The EMS Safety Foundation team had a very dynamic time at Rettmobil 2012, many thanks to all who contributed to making this delegation happen.
Here are the secure recoding links for the Rettmobil 2012 webinars and workshops.

EMS Safety Foundation Rettmobil 2012 Workshops and Webinar Secure Recording Links:

o Data/Info Workshop Wednesday pm May 9th
- Login for Data and info Workshop/Webinar Recording

o "Live from Rettmobil 2012" Webinar Recording from Dlouhy Booth, Thursday May 10th
- Login for Live from Rettmobil 2012 Webinar Recording Thursday May 10th
There is also a public access recording available above and on the EMS Safety Foundation Website that requires no password.

o Technical/Analytic Hands on Workshop/Webinar Recording Friday May 11th
- Login for Technical and Analytic Hands on Workshop/Webinar Recording- Friday May 11th

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