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EMS Safety Foundation INDEMO Onsite/Virtual Tour Interest Form -

Are you interested in an onsite or vitual tour of the Ambulance Safety Innovation Design Module - INDEMO 1.0 ?

INDEMO 1.0 is now set up to come to your site for a hands on site visit or to link you in virtually with a live GoPro and PTZ CAM, or even walk yourself around in a you drive tour via Andi - the telepresence robot, so you can have private virtual mobile tour that you control from your smart phone or tablet - android or iOS - or your PC or laptop

So do let us know if you are interested to explore the EMS Safety Foundation's latest Innovation platform - INDEMO 1.0.

If so could you please complete the info below -


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For Virtual Tours:
The routine tours run from 30 minutes to an hour.
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For Onsite Tours:
The routine onsite tours run from 1/2 day to 2 days.
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EMS Safety Foundation INDEMO Vitrtual Tours are ** open to all **. This provides a unique opportunity to share in the work of the EMS Safety Foundation's Innovation Consortium, Technical Expert Panel and Advisory Board.

There is a participation fee for those who are Affiliates only or not current Members of the EMS Safety Foundation, with a subsidized rate for current EMS Safety Foundation Innovation Consortium Members.

Should you wish to be considered for Membership of the EMS Safety Foundation Innovation Consortium, please complete this Innovation Consortium Interest Form

We look forward to sharing our INDEMO experience with your participation in this important project for enhancing the safety of EMS and developing new ideas and practice innovation.


Should you have any queries regarding participation in an INDEMO 1.0 virtual tour, please type them here:


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