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EMS Safety Foundation RETTmobil 2017 Delegation Interest Form -

Are you interested to join in the EMS Safety Foundation's RETTmobil experience in Fulda, Germany May 10-12 2017?

If so could you please complete the info below.

The dates for RETTmobil are May 10-12th 2017.
The EMS Safety Foundation Delegation commences May 9th, 2017

Participation as part of the official EMS Safety Foundation RETTmobil Delegation is ** open to all **. This provides a unique opportunity to join in this Delegation with the EMS Safety Foundation Members of the Innovation Consortium, Technical Expert Panel and Advisory Board and Interns.

There is to be a special workshop, and a live webinar as an adjunct to Rettmobil activities, held for those participating in the EMS Safety Foundation Delegation

There is no charge for current Foundation Innovation Consortium Members to participate in this Delegation, however there is a participation fee for those who are Affiliates only or not current Members of the EMS Safety Foundation's Innovation Consortium

(Should you wish to be considered for Membership of the EMS Safety Foundation Innovation Consortium, please complete this Innovation Consortium Interest Form

Corporate Participation and Sponsorship of EMS Safety Foundation RETTmobil event
For industry partners and corporations wishing to sponsor the EMS Safety Foundation RETTmobil Delegation please click here and complete this form

We look forward to your participation in this important project for enhancing the safety of EMS and developing new ideas and practice innovation.


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