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3 Simple Steps

To participate in a live seminar, please follow these easy instructions:

1. Click on the link provided, within 15 minutes prior to the specified starting time, to run the Webinar interface

2. Login with your first and last name, and password (as provided) on the Sign In page

3. You will also be able to participate verbally if you have a microphone (as well as speakers) on your computer, or a computer microphone/earphone headset

Participants are strongly encouraged to set up their computer a few days ahead of time, for the first time, to ensure that your particular computer hardware, network and firewall policies will allow the software download and operation.

Additional Info -
Not necessary if you have used this software before

For a menu of help and tech support information Click here

- Link for a 5 minute orientation to using the Webinar interface- Click here

- Link for instructions for download and set up Click here

- Link for system requirements for hardware suggestions Click here

- Help service to sort out any Elluminate glitches - Click here

- or directly via Elluminate - for more comprehensive info Click here

- If your IT staff need additional information, please provide them this link- Click here

- or call the number at the bottom of this page for phone Technical Support-
Elluminate's Tech Support Team at: 1-866-388-8674

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